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As each individual person is unique, so too are the options regarding memorials and how we mark someone’s life. We are pleased to have our own Memorial Masonry Department and can offer advice on the many styles of headstones which are available.

A selection of headstones are available to view at each of our premises, as well as brochures detailing many other options that can be provided. Our team will provide guidance and work with you throughout the process to ensure the memorial is exactly as you had hoped.

Having guided you through the various colours of granite as well as sizes and designs of headstones which are available, we will lead onto how the memorial can be further personalised with the inscription.

Once the headstone has been selected we can apply to the Cemetery Authority concerned for permission to erect the memorial. Meanwhile our sculptor will prepare a scale drawing showing how the headstone will look in order that you may approve this.

The finish of the lettering is often dictated by the colour of the granite. For example a black granite tends to have the inscription finished in gold leaf or silver whereas a light grey granite may have a black inscription upon it.

We would expect a memorial to be erected within 10-12 weeks from the time it is ordered, although this may be a little longer if the memorial is being specially manufactured.

Our company are proud to be members of the National Association of Memorial Masons. Each of our memorials are erected in line with their Code of Practice to ensure that we provide the highest possible level of service whilst ensuring future safety in the cemetery through the stability of the memorial.



Morbi bibendum ex sed orci feugiat, ac eleifend nulla malesuada. Duis gravida erat a enim sagittis tristique. Sed sed dictum eros.


The Aitken desk style marker is shown in Bahama Blue granite. The sloping open book has shaped pages, rebated edges and a carved cord and tassel in the centre. The design allows for the incorporation of a flower vase container whilst the all polished finish provides a low maintenance finish.


The Arton memorial is manufactured from Aurora granite, the hand carved rose, reflecting true love, is reflected in the base of the memorial. The contrasting polished finish to the remainder of the barrel shape sided headpiece means it is easy to clean.


The Barnes Memorial is shown in black granite with silver grey inlays to provide the markings of a football. The all polished finish allows a finish which requires little maintenance.


The Barratt Memorial is manufactured in Bahama Blue granite. This shapely all polished finish has chamfers and a deep carved thistle ornament across the top. The base has matching thistles and a splayed front ideally suited for a family name.


The Campbell Memorial is shown in Karin Grey granite, it also has kerbs to provide a clearly defined perimeter which ensures a private garden area. The headpiece has a deep carved Celtic ornament with a rustic margin to complement the inscription.


The Escott Memorial is a contemporary wing design headpiece with an optional strassacker bronze flower ornament. It is shown here in Indian Juparana granite.


The Gerrard Memorial is manufactured in Bon Accord Dark Grey granite. The deep carved rose ornamentation and raised lettering panel combine to provide a framed area with a sanded edge. The sloping face on the base lends itself to a family name or verse.


The Lyle marker is shown in Rosewood Red granite, the rounded cushion like heart tablet sits on a contemporary heart shaped base with the facility for flowers. This all polished memorial ensures a low maintenance finish.


The Moir Memorial is shown in a traditional Bon Accord Dark Grey granite with a polished leaf ornament and a space for an optional family initial. The polished face on the headpiece provides a panel for the inscription whilst the rustic edges complement the base.


The Rosehil Memorial is shown in Black granite with an all polished finish which is maintenance free. The floral ornament is lightly etched and coloured but can be modified to suit individual tastes.


The Stevens Memorial is shown in Glenaby Grey granite with a deeply carved rose ornament and an irregular rustic margin which enhances the polished lettering panel and rustic weathered top base.

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