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We offer a comprehensive service in order to add an inscription to an existing headstone, this involves matching the current lettering so that any new inscription is in keeping with what was originally in place. We can also match the design of an existing memorial if you would like one to match a headstone that you have already seen

Should the headstone have weathered over the years and be in need of cleaning or refurbishment, we can offer guidance and advice on how this can be done.

We are able to arrange additional lettering on any memorial and a complete restoration service should it be required.

Before carrying out any work, we would always carry out a full inspection of the headstone in order to provide a detailed report outlining whether there is room for the proposed inscription. We would also clarify whether the memorial requires cleaning or perhaps the finish of the lettering needed refreshed.

As a headstone may have been in situ for many years, we will always check to ensure the memorial is still secure, this is due to the fact that occasionally the cement joints may have been weakened due to frost or the passing of time.

Should this be the case, we would suggest the full headstone be removed from the lair in order that a new concrete foundation can be poured before the memorial is re-erected with new stainless steel dowels between all joints.

This will mean that the memorial is re-instated as though it were a new memorial and will once again comply with the National Association of Memorial Masons Code of Practice  which sets out to ensure the safety of anyone who is visiting the cemetery through the stability of the memorial.

If the headstone is still secure we would always endeavour to add an additional inscription whilst it is still in place.

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