News > Launch of brand identity and new website

We are delighted to see the launch of our new brand identity. This has been a long process for us to establish the correct wording and imagery, in order to put forward the message and identity we want. This has also coincided with the launch of this new website.

We have been guided through this process by our new marketing and branding partners, 39steps. The aim when creating the logo and brand, was to find something that would catch the eye of the prospective client but also maintain traditional values.

We had many long discussions, and many different designs and ideas to go through, before settling on what we now have.

The reason behind choosing the wording that shows the word Cuthell so prominently, is because people who know us often refer to us as ‘Cuthell’s’. When you drive past our buildings or glance at an advertisement, the first thing seen will be the name Cuthell. 

Of course on closer inspection the other wording becomes clear. For those who don’t know us, this should highlight we are a long running family business.

The logo created for us by 39steps is intended to depict a valley. The mountains reflecting on water, which represents the area we cover, Forth Valley. This logo and brand identity has been rolled out in all areas where we advertise and on all documentation we use.

Hopefully, in time, the public will recognise our logo and identify it with us.