News > Online Memorial Service 2021

The past year has involved difficult decisions for everyone as to how they engage with other people.

One of the greatest impacts has been upon the bereaved who have been unable to come together in the traditional way to commemorate, and give thanks for, the life of a person very close to them.

Our Annual Memorial Service has been pre-recorded and can be viewed below. We hope this service will bring some comfort and that you will realise you are not alone in these days.

As mentioned during the Memorial Service we are delighted that donations towards the work of the food banks which operate across the communities we serve now total £838.00. Thomas Cuthell & Sons will match that amount in order that a minimum of £1,700.00, will soon be distributed amongst these projects.

Anyone who would still like to leave a donation is invited to click here - please note the donations link will close on 31st January 2021. Thank you again for your generosity.