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We realise the importance of understanding peoples wishes. This is why we are happy to work with you, to understand your wishes, in order that the decision making process is far easier for your family when the time should come.

Having cared for the bereaved in our communities since 1905, we understand the difference it can make to a family if they know their loved one has already left a note of their wishes.

Our team are always available should you wish to chat with us about what your own wishes will be, and how to go about having these recorded. This can involve as much or as little information as you are comfortable discussing.

We find some people will leave very basic instructions detailing whether the funeral should be a burial or a cremation. Others will leave far more detailed instructions, such as how they would like to be dressed, which charity should benefit in lieu of flowers or the type of vehicles that should be used.

Having discussed your wishes with you and gained an understanding of them, we will provide a typed copy for your own records as well as your next of kin or executor. This will mean when the time does come, your own wishes will form the building blocks around which the funeral service takes place.

Some people prefer to know the financial side has also been taken care of. We are also happy to provide a funeral plan if this is more suited to your needs.

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