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There are many different types of funeral that can be arranged. The first key decision to be made is whether cremation or burial is preferred. Sometimes this is based on family tradition, a strong religious faith can dictate this or it is simply the individual’s preference.

Whether burial or cremation is chosen can also affect other decisions. For example if the funeral is to be burial, usually a prior service is held, perhaps in a church or in a funeral home. If cremation is the choice, the entire service is often in the one venue at the crematorium service room. These decisions are all flexible and should be discussed with the funeral director.

Other factors which affect the type of funeral service can be whether a religious service or a non-religious service is chosen.

If a traditional religious service is chosen, the content and length of the service will be very much dependent on the traditions or expectations of the particular religion. The funeral director will offer guidance and usually make first contact with the person conducting the service.

A non-religious service (often called a humanist service) is becoming more and more popular. A humanist service usually focuses on the life of the deceased and all other parts of the service are built around this. Often Poetry and music are a big part of the service.

Some humanist celebrants will accommodate religious content in the service.

Another type of funeral that can be arranged is an environmentally friendly funeral. There are a number of ways to hold a funeral service where the focus is on being kinder to the environment. The funeral director themselves can take a number of steps to be more ‘green’ in the funeral home. Small changes can make a big difference. Click here to find out more.

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