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Cremation has become more and more popular over the years, so much so that more funerals in Scotland are now cremation rather than burial. Falkirk crematorium serves most of the Forth Valley area, there are other crematoria available, a little further afield. Stirlingshire, West Lothian, Dunfermline, Holytown and of course Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Often we find the entire funeral service takes place at the crematorium. There are a number of other ways to plan the funeral service though.

Sometimes there is another service prior to the committal at the crematorium, perhaps in a Church or funeral home. In circumstance like this we tend to find the main service is at the prior venue with the crematorium service being a shorter committal only service.

The crematorium service room can also be used simply as a venue, and burial can take place in the cemetery afterwards.

Music is often an important part of the service. Most crematoria have a music system where requested tracks can be downloaded and played through the system. Sometimes it is necessary to provide music on CD, it is always advisable to do this in advance of the day of the funeral. All crematoria have an organ. The funeral director can arrange an organist to accompany any signing of hymns and provide background music for entry and exit, if required.

Memorialisation and remembrance options vary depending on the crematorium. Most offer a garden of remembrance where ashes can be scattered or buried, as well as providing a chapel of remembrance. Other options include planting of a rose bush, erection of a memorial bench or entry into the book of remembrance. To discuss what is available at specific crematoria please contact us.

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