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In years gone by the coffin was always a traditional wooden coffin, usually veneered wood. This is still a popular choice however, today there is a much wider selection of coffins and caskets available than ever before. There are a number of different choices available with different shades of wood, different materials used to construct the coffin, images or themes can even be placed on the coffin, and there is whole range of American style caskets available.

The traditional coffin is still the preferred choice, usually in light or dark wood and usually veneer. Other shades are available and if preferred solid wood can be provided. In recent times a number of different natural materials have become available for construction of the coffin. We can now supply a coffin made from water hyacinth, bamboo, banana leaf, wicker, seagrass and even wool.

The picture style coffin is becoming more and more popular. This style of coffin has a vast available range and is usually chosen to reflect the individual’s interest or lifestyle. For example a keen hillwalker may have a coffin that has a highland scene on it.

A tartan coffin can be provided. This is made by attaching tartan to a veneered wood coffin. This is only available in light wood. Available tartans are Cameron of Erracht, Gordon, Stewart Hunting, Mackenzie Seaforth, Black Watch, Royal Stewart or Flower of Scotland

If relevant we can usually provide a cremated ashes casket in the same design/materials as the coffin.

These are some examples of what is available. Most furnishings are interchangeable. For example, if the choice is for a light, burial coffin, with a crucifix on the lid and gold cords, we can certainly arrange this. Please speak to any of our team to discuss options.

Light Veneer

Light, veneer, flat lid coffin for cremation.

Dark Veneer

Dark, veneer, raised lid coffin for burial.

The Last Supper

Dark wood coffin with The Last Supper detail for Catholic burial.

Dark Wood

Dark coffin for Catholic burial.

Light Solid Oak

Light solid oak coffin for burial.

Dark Solid Oak

Dark wood, solid oak coffin for burial.


Tartan detail coffin.

Highland Landcape

Highland Landscape - colourful coffin.

Water Hyacynth

Water Hyacynth, evnironmentally friendly coffin.

Veneer Casket

Veneer Casket from The London Casket company.

Light Casket

Light wood casket for cremated ashes.

Dark Casket

Dark wood casket for cremated ashes.

Tartan Casket

Tartan Casket for cremated ashes.

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