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For some people music is an essential part of the funeral service, for others it can be just something in the background. Whatever the client’s wishes, the funeral director will advise on the required format for music tracks and provide guidance on how many tracks are required.

We can also assist with organising live music such as an organist or a piper.

Each of our funeral homes has its own CD player. If the service is in our funeral home we would ask to have CDs provided by the family and given to the funeral home in advance of the service. It is always better to provide original CDs as we do occasionally have issues with burned CDs.

Most crematoria have a music system where requested tracks can be downloaded and played through the system. This is arranged by notifying the crematorium in advance of the chosen tracks. Doing this in advance allows time to source any unusual tracks but sometimes it is necessary to provide music on CD. If this is the case it is always advisable to do this in advance of the day of the funeral. Sometimes the person taking the service can assist with sourcing or playing music.

Many churches have their own music system in place but occasionally a portable system is necessary. If so we can provide a portable system. The individual requirements for each church vary, this is something best discussed with the funeral director.

All of our funeral homes, all local crematoria and most churches have an organ. We can arrange an organist and pass on any requests to the organist for individual choices.

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