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Most of the planning and arranging for a funeral can be attended by the funeral director. We would hope to arrange a meeting with the client, as soon as possible, in order to discuss the funeral arrangements, cover all relevant details and choose a coffin.

This meeting can be held in one of our funeral homes, or a funeral director can visit the client. If it not possible to hold a face to face meeting due to long distances, the arrangements can be discussed over the phone. Documentation can be taken care of via post or email. Handing things in this manner will however prolong the process.

After discussing things with the funeral director we will then be able to contact all relevant third parties in order to start planning the day. The funeral director would certainly attend to all communication with the required cemetery or crematorium and we would usually make first contact with the person conducting the service. This allows us to check availability of all parties concerned before confirming any arrangements.

Once the funeral service is confirmed we can then make transport arrangements and agree a timetable for the day. This can include a final drop-off at the catering venue if necessary. We can also co-ordinate music requests, choice of hymns and printing of any service sheets. We often place orders with the florist on behalf on the client and we can also make the catering arrangements.

The traditional way of informing the public is to place an intimation in a local newspaper. The funeral director can help with wording this and can include the time of the funeral service. We now offer our own intimations page on this website. We can place the intimation here, with a photograph of the deceased, display the funeral times and provide directions to the funeral venue through google maps. 

For most of our clients we attend to everything from start to finish but some of these arrangements can be taken care of by the client directly, if preferred.

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