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At Thomas Cuthell & Sons we fully understand that grief can have different effects on different people, this is why our support doesn’t cease on the day of the funeral service. Our team will be happy to meet with you to talk at any time and we are pleased to be able to offer external counselling should you feel this would be beneficial.

It is during the time following a funeral service that the loss of a person can seem more real, this is due to a number of factors. Namely, in the initial period following a death, people will call or visit and, of course, there is a great deal of focus on working with us to prepare for the funeral service.

Many people have said that time is a great healer but we do not believe this to be true. The death of a loved one will always leave a huge void in our lives and that is the price that we pay for loving a person and sharing our life with them. What we have come to realise though is that through time people begin to accept that someone has died. There will always be difficult days for whatever reason but at some point the difficult days become a little less and the days which are not as difficult become a little more frequent.

Sometimes people need the opportunity to share their experience of loss to help them cope with their grief, to make sense of the painful and bewildering array of emotional, physcological and physical responses they may be experienceing.

Following this, life returns to normal for everyone, for those closest to the deceased however, life is suddenly no longer normal. Having served our communities for many generations we fully understand this. We are happy to support Quiet Waters Counselling in Camelon who offer a completely confidential and independent support service to anyone who calls upon them.


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