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Most cemeteries in the Forth Valley area are operated by the council. Your funeral director will attend to all communication and paperwork, whether an existing grave is being used or a new grave needs to be purchased. The funeral director will direct proceedings on the day, in the cemetery.

When a new grave is required the funeral director will arrange the purchase, on behalf of the family, and the grave would be registered under the client’s name and address. Once the burial has taken place the council will issue the title deeds for the grave which should be kept securely for future use or to authorise any memorial work.

Use of an existing grave requires authorisation from the registered grave owner. It is not essential to be in possession of the title deeds in order to use an existing grave, but the process will be smoother if the title deeds are available. Should the registered owner of the grave be deceased it may be necessary to transfer the ownership of the grave, the funeral director will provide advice and guidance on the process and documentation required.

The capacity of graves varies depending on the individual cemetery. Some cemeteries allow only two burials in the one grave other cemeteries allow up to four. Please contact us if you need to query an existing grave.

It is also possible to arrange burial of cremated ashes, in the cemetery. The paperwork and process is the same as for a full burial. Some cemeteries provide ½ lairs. These are graves provided solely for the purpose of burial of cremated ashes and usually cost less than a full lair. It is also possible to erect a memorial or headstone at a half lair, just in the same way as for a full lair.

Woodland burial is another option. Due to increase in demand Stirling council now provide a woodland burial site at Killearn. This is quite different from a cemetery where there are no traditional memorials or headstones to mark the graves. Instead a tree is planted after the burial which after a few years will enhance the woodland nature of the burial site. Usually the client will have a choice species of tree to be planted.

The coffin must be made from bio-degradable material (such as wicker or bamboo) and must not have any metal or plastic furnishings.

Woodland graves are for only one burial or four sets of ashes.

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