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A newspaper notice, or intimation, is still a well-used way to inform that someone has passed away, and of course, to make the public aware of when the funeral will take place. We can give guidance on how to word an intimation. Sometimes a verse or message is placed after the intimation, we can provide a book of samples verses to choose from.

The newspaper with the biggest circulation in the area is undoubtedly the Falkirk Herald. This is published on a Thursday with the deadline for submission of intimations being on the Wednesday.

Another well used paper is the Stirling Observer. The Wednesday edition has a submission deadline early on the Tuesday, and the Friday edition has a submission deadline early on the Thursday.

The intimation is often discussed during the meeting with the funeral director, where we can provide guidance on wording. We would then normally email the intimation to the publishers on behalf of the client.

Online intimations are becoming more popular. Thomas Cuthell and Sons have a dedicated online section available to view in this website. This section is similar to what would be viewed in the paper. However as it is online we can update this immediately. This means we can still spread the information about the date of the funeral if the newspaper deadlines have been missed, or the publication of the relevant newspaper does not happen before the funeral. We also have a google maps section showing where the service will take place and the facility to share this information on social media. To view this, click here.

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