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Q. Is burial or cremation more expensive?

As a rule of thumb a cremation would usually cost a little less than a burial, however the costs can be very similar. Costs also vary depending on the individual crematorium or cemetery chosen. For example burial cost charged by Stirling Council is over double the cost charged by Falkirk Council.

When arranging burial there may be the cost of purchasing a grave, as well as the burial fee itself. There is also usually a service held at a separate venue, often incurring additional costs. Adding all of this together would usually work out more expensive than cremation. However if a grave is already owned by the family and the service is held at the graveside, this may end up costing less than cremation.

Cremation fees vary depending on the chosen crematorium, there are even a scale of fees for each crematorium. Falkirk Crematorium, for example, charges can vary by approximately £400 depending on when the service takes place and the address of the deceased. Clients residing out with the area of Falkirk Council are charged more than those living within the area.

Please speak to your funeral director to discuss individual requirements. All clients are given a written estimate prior to the funeral, this estimate will show clearly any relevant burial or cremation charges.

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